PLEASE send us any concerts/gigs you know of.

Posted by: dave
Date: May 13, 2019

Indy Folk News covers most of the concerts/gigs**
If you know of a concert/gig, LET US KNOW via e-mail at
or just bookmark
and use that.
We would rather be informed about the same gig
six times over then miss a single one!
*Last year we missed a FREE concert by the TANNAHILL WEAVERS!
And this year LILY & MADELEINE returned from New York
for one show and we missed that!
Note to Artists & Groups:
Use the above, NOT Facebook.
Facebook is like sending a message in a bottle
into a sea of bottles!
**For the record, the average monthly number of postings
we sent out (including Open Mics, excluding repeats) was
325, May is already at 362. But we’re not patting
ourselves on the back (that would only give us
dislocated shoulders)…
So PLEASE send us any concerts/gigs you know of.