Posted by: dave
Date: August 4, 2019

What has happened was this…
As you’ve probably gathered, Indy Folk News is a
one man effort (O.K. Two, when including Syd Rompo
who’s kind enough to handle Facebook for us, but
he’s in his Nineties).
So, the “one man” actually dared to take a vacation
in Hawai’i. He even planned to sacrifice three days
there, putting together the postings for August.
That didn’t happen because his
vacation wi-fi was insecure.
Now he’s having to deal with purchasing a house,
preparing to move, out-patient surgery, catching up
with two weeks of mail and e-mail, creating an
instruction manual
for whoever takes charge over this site, etc., etc.,
So Indy Folk News is likely to be a skeleton of
its former self until September and such “slimming”
may well occur again in the future.
Sorry, but we’re only human.
Sort of.