Posted by: dave
Date: September 20, 2018

If you you are on Facebook
you might want to visit or friend or follow Acoustic Indiana
where you’ll find
YouTube Links to
Sofia Talvik playing her “Give Me a Home.”
Genna & Jesse playing “Give and Take.”
Genna & Jesse will be at Logan Street Sanctuary, Firday Sept 21, 2018.
Bob Lucas singing “Children of Abraham.”
Bob will has an Indianapolis House Concert on Saturday, Sept 22, 2018.
Heather Styka’s “Chelsea Motor Inn.”
Heather will be at a Flying Cat House concert, Saturday, Oct 18, 2018.
ACOUSTIC INDIANA has videos of Indiana Artists, Historical folk & roots, and some unusual acoustic instruments, sometimes very unusual.
Also if you want to know the last minute Indiana gigs.
Just friend or follow INDY FOLK NEWS on Facebook.


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Date: September 7, 2018

The site is up and running so it’s time to THANK all those who made it so.

Firstly, GLASS WEB PROJECTS who designed and engineered the site to our demanding specifications.
You can see how good this site is just by navigating it. What doesn’t show is that all entries are auto-sorted in four different catagories to five different pages, and auto-deleted when out of date. If you want a great web-site contact GLASS WEB PROJECTS at www.glasswebprojects.com

The individuals to be thanked at Glass Web Projects are DEREK GLASS, AUBREY AYNES, and TYLER CLADWELL.

For major work, help and idea contributions thanks go to D. GARY GRADY, INDY FOLK SERIES, TOM PROBASCO, DAVE ROWE, SYD RUMPO, JESSICA SUHRE, and FRANK WATSON.
Also thanks to JIM FOREMAN, ROBIN KILLS A HUNDRED, TERRY MIESLE, JOHN MOE, PHIL SLATES, and JOANNE & JOE SMIDDIE-BRUSH for offers of help when they were greatly needed.

And if we’ve forgotten anybody, THANK YOU, whoever you are.


Posted by: dave
Date: May 27, 2018


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